Plug & Dwell

As we move through life, our habits, 
needs and wants changes. 
Life is not static. 
Neither should our homes be.

Our homes have a profound impact on the quality of our lives and our environment. Yet, the way we build them has remained largely unchanged. Most homes are still built on-site, using light-frame construction, hammer and nails. The process requires architects, engineers, consultants, suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors. This fragmentation results in a complex, expensive and lengthy process.
Plug&Dwell is a project that challenges this status quo. It does so by bringing all the necessary disciplines together into one place, and move the manufacturing off-site, into a controlled environment - drastically shortening the timetable and lowering the cost. By providing residential buildings with a modular interior system, P&D enables homes to change, update and reconfigure as the needs of the inhabitant changes.
Project developed with Framlab.
Portrait artwork by the incredible Viktor Miller-Gause
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